Sunday, January 07, 2007

3 x 'I love you' = drunk.

Last night, I went out to a Mexican Bar way the hell out in Chatsworth with my Best Friend to hang with some people that I hadn't seen in a while. And despite being horridly sick, sounding like kermit the frog, and feeling like crap...I went. Because I told a Former Friend friend I would - and FF is someone who I'd like to be friends with - but we're on the 'friends/notfriends' borderline quite a lot, and I feel like I need to make the effort for him.

The ironic portion of the evening comes from the fact that despite the plethora of men present, and the fact that I got felt up twice, and was molested and offended more than twice...I gave my number to a girl.

Meeting people in bars is actually quite hard for me. I'm VERY shy, anti-social, and hate when people are drunk. You see my problem.

Therefore ending up chatting with a fellow female writer, who has some amazing stories, and kept telling me I was inspiring her to write - was a nice diversion. Her Mr. Co-worker was hot as well, so it never hurts to have some eye candy behind someone you're talking to to keep the interest going.

At one point I set out looking for FF, with attempts to cuddle up and profess my undying friendship, and found him hitting on cute girl 1, then cute girl 2. Not wanting to mess up his shot for the evening, I went back to Writer Girl and kept talking, eventually exchanging numbers and emails. I never get asked for my phone number, so to give it freely to a girl was a new experience. I'm sure she knows I'm straight. Right? I'm worried.

The evening droned on, eventually bringing FF back to the group, but still without much talking to me, or friendship-planning time. I got molested some more, and got 2 "I love you"s out of a drunk guy I hardly know, and is married with kids.

12:00 was time to go, so I waited for FF to see if he was good to drive, and after an evening of mostly ignoring me...he gave me a gigantic hug and said "I Love you."

After giving a girl my number, and also being my 3rd drunk "I love you" of the was anti-climactic...but nice nonetheless. I guess we are friends after all.

And in case you're wondering, I did say "I love you too."


Cheryl said...

Nice to have you back! Glad to hear there's lots of love in your life.

Oh, and not to be presumptuous, but if you were at a bar in Chatsworth, the girl was probably straight.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

WHAT?? Chatsworth is the epicenter of the gay revolution, haven't you heard?

Not lots of LOVE...just that drunk kind. Which I guess is secret real love, right?