Friday, May 19, 2006

Sleepless in Toluca Lake

It was the perfect meet-cute (A cute setup meeting) in romcom (Romantic Comedy) writer's terms.

I was browsing in the wine aisle, looking for some muscat dessert wine. Without looking, he rounded the corner and bumped in to me. Literally. Our little baskets of groceries clinked together.

He fumbled, looked down. I turned red, and stammered.

"Oh, sorry"

"No, my fault...sorry". He smiled, embarrassed. He had piercing eyes, and a ballcap on, as if he was hiding from paparazzi.

"That's ok" I smiled the biggest smile I could without hurting my lips or looking like a horse.

We got all shy, and pulled his ballcap down lower on his stubbled face. We stared a moment, he smiled again, then he walked on down the aisle. I tried to find him again in the store, but alas, he had gone.

After waiting years to meet-cute someone, I cute-met the cutest man in the whole world at my grocery store.

There's only one problem.

It was Matthew Fox.

Yes, you heard me...from LOST.

I'm fricking pissed. I think karma owes me a meet-cute. That so didn't count. I mean, it was Matthew freakin Fox, and I' know...just me. And he's married! So that's definitely not a meet-cute. Put the counter back to zero folks...that meet is off the record. How dare karma try and trick me into thinking it was a meet-cute! And really, what is Matthew Fox doing here? His show is on hiatus, yes...and it's perfectly reasonable that he might be in LA on vacation or something, but my local grocery store? can't pull the wool over my eyes. I'm still waiting my meet-cute, and this next one better be amazing. Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan amazing. I better be 'in love' by the time he says 'bye' on this next one, dammit. Or this first one, because Fox didn't count. Nope. This is a do-over. Starting from scratch. Yep. Stupid Matthew Fox. With his name all "I'm so foxy, look at me!"...whatever.

Oh, and they didn't have my wine. Stupid karma.


Dragon said...

You're adorable.

Tracy Lynn said...

Dude, if you get any cuter, we're going to have to put a label on you to keep the diabetics away.

Hyperion said...

You're not, you know, just you. First of all, you can write, and that means everything. (And I don't just mean the website. Pockets full O' Ghandi, anyone?)

Secondly, Matthew Fox is definitely not the all star of that show. Locke, Sawyer, Eko, Hurley, Kate; meeting one of these fine ones, and I'd understand the shyness, but you've got it all over Matthew Fox. I mean, he couldn't even keep his family together or Bailey from drinking!

Oh, and if you do meet Kate, send me the details. Better yet, I think I'll imagine them right now.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

You are sooo right Sara, the cute-meet doesn't count. But, it seems like karma is warming you up for the Big Event-a real cute-meet. Good luck! :)