Sunday, October 21, 2007

Because Hyperion Said So

Hyperion threatened my husband (Richard Dean Anderson aka MacGyver) with death if I did not post today. Far be it from me to mention that I am CONFINED TO BED by doctors orders due to back spasms. In fact, it hardly hurts. Not even noticeable if you don't count the hot searing pain and writhing followed by bouts of falling to the floor.

However, I shall post on...

Last month, the results of a poll commissioned by the McCormick Tribune Foundation (designed to urge people to become better prepared for disasters) asked Americans whom among seven fictional heroes they would choose to ask for help in the event of an emergency.

MacGyver (27%)
Indiana Jones (16%)
John McClane (14%)
James Bond (8%)
Jason Bourne (8%)
Jack Bauer (7%)
Lara Croft (7%)

When Richard Dean Anderson was approached for a comment about the survey results, he sent this response:

"My initial reaction was: Aw, shucks...But then I'm thinking, well, yeah, he could handle it. In fact, truth be known, I'd want to be with Mac in any dire strait, too. I am flattered by the vote of confidence. And if any of the 27% need anything, let me know.

I really need you to come over and rub my back, Rick.


Call me?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I did it. I officially became one of the lovelorn throng.

I joined

I shilled out my 40 dollars. (holy jesus!) 40 bucks for 1 month of potential torturous flipping through pictures and profiles and finally realizing that I don't like anyone, and it's not worth it.

As soon as my credit card cleared with a mighty ka-CHING, Match sent me the following email:

"Hold on to your heart, schrodingerskitten, you just got a subscription for LOVE"

No, I am not joking.