Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I did it. I officially became one of the lovelorn throng.

I joined match.com.

I shilled out my 40 dollars. (holy jesus!) 40 bucks for 1 month of potential torturous flipping through pictures and profiles and finally realizing that I don't like anyone, and it's not worth it.

As soon as my credit card cleared with a mighty ka-CHING, Match sent me the following email:

"Hold on to your heart, schrodingerskitten, you just got a subscription for LOVE"

No, I am not joking.


Cheryl said...

Just wait till the dating tips from Dr. Phil start pouring in. It just gets better.

Tracy Kaply said...

EEWWWW. That's creeping me out.

Hyperion said...

If there is not a new post by tomorrow......Richard Dean Anderson dies.