Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cubby Broccoli

You know when you realize that you're on a strict diet?
When you start craving broccoli.

I heated up some frozen broccoli for dinner on Sunday, and eating it was like eating the holy grail of broccoli. Better than the extravaganzza pizza, better than sex, better than a potential all-new Lost where they find out it's all a dream, or just life in a snow-globe being held by an autistic boy.

Summing that up, it was the best broccoli in the entire world.

I wish I had Broccoli as a last name, because then I'd be heir to the James Bond producing fortune. Yes, that's random.

And it wasn't just broccoli - it was florets - which is just the good part. No stems for me, baby. Is that high maintenence? Seriously - they taste different.

And the irony is, it was plain broccoli - no cheese sauce, no spices, no nothing - just hot broccoli.

I better get me a social life, if that's the high point of my day. Also, when you blog about broccoli, and how it's the high point of your life...that's some sad sad commentary. Hello friends? It's time to take me out.

Or come over. Because I make some mean hot broccoli.


Hyperion said...

So far today I've read that massage is better than sex, and now broccoli.

I'm sorry, ladies, but might I humbly suggest you're doing it wrong?

Ever eager to please, I offer my serives if it will help.

Your humble servant,


Egan said...

And just think how good it would have been if it was fresh, not frozen, broccoli.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

I dont think I could handle fresh broccoli. Be gentle.

Tracy Lynn said...

I hate broccoli. The only kind of cabbage I like is napa.

And fresh broccoli probably would have made the top of Sara's head come off.

Gary Wood said...

Roasted broccoli is wonderful! Olive oil,salt,roast in oven. I like to roast it until a tiny bit charred. Delicious!

Fitèna said...

I hate broccolli. I wouldn't have come over if your last name had been brocolli. the B key of my keyboard is broken, I had to hit extra hard for the B to finally appear. Even my PC fears that am going to type Brocolli.
Come visit anytime, I'll treat you with lots of cheesy, hot, yummy stuff and you won't put an once on!!!


Cheryl said...

I think the lack of food is making you high. But it's also making you think of really interesting Lost episodes, so maybe there's something to it.