Friday, April 21, 2006

Sermon on the Alias

Yea, verily, on Wednesday the elevator with the TV in the wall doth telleth me that a new 2 hour Alias was on that very night.

I did not believe the elevator, as Alias has not been on in about a year. But the elevator doth telleth me the stock prices, the weather and I shall not doubt. For those glorious 12 seconds every day as I rise from the ground to the 3rd floor, the elevator with the TV in the wall doth speak the glories of the day, sports, the time and date, new words from the dictionary and information such as Alias' return. I shall not be a doubting Thomas to the elevator's teachings.

The elevator doth giveth me to the 3rd floor, and the elevator doth taketh me away from the 3rd floor. And yet I remained a doubtor to the elevator's true power!

But I was baptised in the true glory of the elevator with the TV in it when verily, Alias was on at the time the elevator prophezized! And the elevator doth bringeth Vaughn back to life! Glory to the elevator!

The elevator said Let there be Alias!, and it was good.
I am the elevator thy carrier! Thou shalt have no other elevators with TVs in the wall! Thou shalt not place other false elevators before me! Glory to the elevator! Amen!

And now I shall go worship, as the elevator with the TV in the wall has risen to the third floor to take me home.

It is risen, indeed.


Tracy Lynn said...

All Hail The Elevator!

Dragon said...

Any burning bushes?

Cheryl said...

I work in a building with stairs. Maybe that's why I never know what's going on.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

other than mine?

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

Stairs are belligerent. They are so not into telling you when Alias is on.