Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pencil Envy

Private Eyes (clap clap) are watching you (clap clap) they see your every move...

Apparently I have *18* readers...I am in awe. Thank you, thank you all 18 of you...I probably only know 5 of you in reality, but I love you all anyway. Yes, I installed a hidden site counter so I can see how many hits I get, and apparently 18 of you visit me on a daily basis. Not that this is anything more than a online version of getting valentines in 4th grade, but dammit, I have the most valentines!

Tangent: Aaron Gutleben stabbed me in the knee with a pencil in 4th grade when I asked him why I didn't get a valentine. He said "Because I like you" and stabbed. I report this because it seems much like how I deal with men as an adult. I question their loyalty and they lash out and I get hurt. I don't think they change much, they just move on to more elaborate weapons than pencils. Verbal weapons, or emotional ones. But I still have that grey/green pencil scar on my knee that will forever remind me of Aaron. And other than that remark, I didn't know he liked me, and he never spoke to me again, and I changed schools.

Somewhere out there is a 30 something year old man who probably can't deal well with women. Hopefully there's no 'pencil killer' that I've suddenly unmasked, but I'm sure Aaron would understand my commentary. Maybe I have pencil envy or maybe I wish I had stabbed first? Personally, I'm more of a mechanical pencil person. Those go deep. Sharpies aren't forever. Trust me.

So, to all 18 of you...thank you, don't stab me, and I love you even if all I know of you is a strange online avatar that looks nothing like you. Even if you turn out to be Aaron Gutleben.


Tracy Lynn said...

Dude, my avatar TOTALLY looks EXACTLY like me. Really.
And I only ever use pens, a result of 7th grade Latin class and a dinosaur pretending to be a teacher who demanded we use only unlined paper and black ink pens, thereby crippling me in my choices of either paper or writing utensil for the rest of my life.

erat said...

I doubt I even have 18 blog readers to my name. You should be proud.

I'm actually kind of freaked out when I find out somebody I don't know is reading my blog. Sure, I put it there to be read, but when somebody reads it all of a sudden I want to take it down. Who knows why.

Anyway, congrats!

Hyperion said...

I'm really big. I should count for two readers.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing what one finds when checking his (or her) name online. I do not remember this incident, though I do not doubt that it happened. I do not know which surprises me more; the fact that this post is here, or the fact that this incident is still in your memory. In any case, I must apologize. I do not even believe in physical punishment when it comes to raising my two children, so it is hard to believe I was capable of doing that.
In case you didn’t guess I am Aaron Gutleben. I actually did not believe the coincidence until I noticed your name and it did actually ring a bell. It was long enough ago that I do not remember a face, but I am amazed none the less.


Schrodinger's Kitten said...

AARON! You rock for writing in! Amazing finding someone you haven't heard about since you were 10.

I actually googled your name before writing this - Do you own ADG consulting?

My email is on the profile.

Would love to chat - no apology needed - it was 4th grade ;^)