Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I need my meds

Cheryl and I had this brilliant idea to start an L.A. theme bar called 'Emergency Room' or 'Medicine' in which all the fruity drinks were served in beakers and the shots in little cough syrup plastic cups. They're drinks like 'Pediacare', 'Robitussin', or 'Phenyldextripezine'. There would be gurneys to sit on, IVs to drink out of, little perscription bottles of candy and peanuts etc... and a 'waiting room' for V.I.Ps. Because of course in this imaginary scenario, all the trendy celebs would come. Not Paris Hilton. We won't let her in.

Oh, and the slogan is 'Get yer meds'.
We were also thinking the bartenders should be in lab coats with stethoscopes, and for the boys... candystripers.

I was thinking an insane asylum theme bar would be cool too, but it might get depressing after a while. But the bar fights sure would be great with those padded walls.

Anyone want to invest in this idea? Send me a check. That's right, just 10k each, lick the stamp...get yer will make you feel better.


Cheryl said...

I could so use a shot of Phenyldextripezine right now. But I after one drink, I know I won't be able to pronounce it in order to request another. So I'll have to chase it with something simple like a Bud. Which, at our bar, should be called Medical Marijuana. Get it?

Tracy Lynn said...

The only problem with the asylum idea is that they generally are not as fun as people would like you to believe.

And, of course, most of them turned into rehabs in the 80's and 90's.

Hyperion said...

Yeah, I'm seconding Tracy on the asylum thing. Hollywood has glamourized it, much as they have prostitution, organized crime, and Middle Earth.

Tracy Lynn said...

Actually, there is a club here in Portland called Asylum, but I don't think they follow through on a whole theme....

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

How about a club called Prostitution & Organized Crime?

I'd TOTALLY go there.

Hyperion - I could have added "& middle earth" - but that's a bit geeky for a club. We'll keep that part underground.

And the Asylum - it's a COOL asylum., you know. Not crazy and sick.

Tracy Lynn said...

I think I'd be more inclined to go to a club that was crazy and sick, frankly. But that's just me.