Friday, April 14, 2006

Aaron Gutleben self-GOOGLES!

The net is a wild and woolly place.

Aaron Gutleben was bored. He was tired, and suddenly, a thought struck him. He was going to self-google. He hadn't needed to self-google in years, and what would his wife think if she caught him? But it was too much. Late at night, he creeped to his computer, far away from his sleeping wife and kids, and googled himself. GASP!

Lo and behold, he found my post 'Pencil Envy' about him from when were in the 4th grade together and he stabbed me with a pencil when I asked why I didn't get a valentine. This photo to the right is a historical re-enactment of that event. Do not try this at home.

He was freaked out! Who was this crazy woman who accused him of stabbing her? Might he actually have done this horrid thing? He recalled the name, but no face...maybe she was telling the truth!

He had the good nature and mild-mannered Clark Kent-ness to e-mail me and apologize for the 20 year old stabbing (isn't that freaking adorably nice?)...but honestly... we were 11! We emailed for a bit, and I was not surprised at all to find him a nice smart family guy with some similarities to myself due to our school upbringing. Bizarre.

Which made me think - if I just typed out the full names of all kinds of people I lost touch with - maybe they'll self-google and find this post and e-mail me?! It's worth a shot, right?


John Dickey
David Steele
Will Dinyes
Scot Frazier
Steve Holmes
Jenny Lee
Maria & Saira Garcia

Where are you guys???

To all the net-gods out there..."bring me my peeps!" (That's official net-god talk, btw.)

Thanks to Aaron for the inspiration to re-connect, and the scar on my knee - I'll never forget you, no matter how much surgery I get to remove it. (Just kidding Aaron. Ok, not really.)


Egan said...

You're a blog posting machine.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

I'm still on that first month of enthusiasm. Give me 6 mo - it'll be a bitter weekly post about best.

Egan said...

Bush is such an easy target. You will resort to memes, what (insert movie, Disney character, actor) thing am I, and lists. Trust me on this one. You can always borrow content from other bloggers when you're really hard up.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

English Patient
Alice in Wonderland
Kim Basinger (questionably talented)

When I get lazy I'll just start posting links to CNN.

Egan said...

Post links to CNN, You Tube, and other related quizzes. Trust me there's plenty of blog filler out there. I should start a blog for blog fill material.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

I would definately read a blog called 'blog fill'.

Get started!

Tracy Lynn said...

There already is a thing about blog fill- it's called TV.

Cheryl said...

What a brilliant idea--all this time I've wasted Googling people from my past, when I could have typed it, and they would have come. (I'm talking to you, Shannon McWhinney!)