Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Yo ho, Yo ho, a writer's life for me.

It's tough work being a 'woman of leisure'. And that's not a prostitute, I looked it up.

Working on week 2 of...nothing really...I'm getting used to this state of what I'm beginning to call 'writer's life'. It's what I think being a writer must be like, except I'm not actually getting paid to write, nor am I actually writing. Technicalities. Pshaw.

I am, however, catching up on much needed TV and Movies. I am also considering writing an OC spec. Jesus H. Christ, son of a bad carpenter...can Cohen keep it together for his nana? I'm thinking of killing her. Is that mean? A nana funeral. Wait - has that been done? Sigh...I don't know this show well enough.

So...if I'm limited to shows I know well, that would be MacGyver, Quantum Leap and X-Files. All canceled, but personally watched since first episode to last. Those were the days- coming home from school/work and watching bad TV until bedtime! (yes, despite my loving of those shows, I do acknowledge they are 'bad' from a writing standpoint.) Possibly from an acting standpoint as well. Although I have an actress friend who was on both MacGyver and Quantum Leap, and I didn't recognize her. Years into our friendship she told me...I was deeply deeply shamed. Also deeply deeply jealous, as she knew Richard Dean Anderson personally. I am clearly not the fan-geek I thought I was if I have to look up my actual friends on IMDB. I still harbor a secret fantasy that she'll invite RDA and I both to some event of hers and we'll hit it off. 25 year age difference...Pshaw. My Dad said I could marry anyone as long as they're younger than him. RDA makes it by 2 months. Whew.

Too bad Star Trek is off the air. As much as I dislike that show now, I was the utmost of NG geeks. I mean...I went to conventions. More than one. I think I had a crush on Data. Is that wrong? Liking a machine? I mean, he wouldn't cry or call you a poseur, or stalker, so maybe those are the types of men I need. But then he also wouldn't laugh at my jokes...and that is really the only thing I have going for me, other than really nice legs...I'm told.

I was also thinking of doing a LOST, but I'm sure everyone and their long-lost hatch-raised brother had that idea. Oh...did I give away my plot idea? oops. wasn't that brilliant anyway. Maybe I should have a guest star. Like Shakira. She shows up as an 'other' but also Shakira. Brilliant! Why am I unemployed?

So...back to the grindstone. Must watch OC, must come up with brilliant spec so that I'll get hired for some brilliant new show, become famous, hook up with RDA, and become a REAL woman of leisure.

It's a hard life, but somebody's got to do it.


Tracy Lynn said...

Dude, being unemployed ain't easy. Why limit yourself to TV? There is also plays, movies, essays, poetry, short stories, novels, etc. You could do it all.

Or you could snuggle in with some popcorn and a cat and watch House, which, sadly, is GOOD television, but still entertaining. Or Bones is on tonight, that's kind of fun. AH Criminal Minds and CSI NY are on as well. There's TV all over the place, and some of it is crappy enough even for YOU.

Fitèna said...

I was unemployed like two weeks, i thought I'd go crazyon day four! Now, I wish they'd fire me, so bushed working!
Mac Gyver? I watched some re-re-re-runs some months ago and sat to philosopher on what could possibly have made me fall in love with this guy and love watching the serial so. I still aheven't figured it out!


Schrodinger's Kitten said...

Tracy- I don't think there is TV bad enough for me. Ok, maybe 'Real Housewives of the O.C.'

Fitena - the mystery of MacGyver's allure will never be's the riddle of all time.