Thursday, May 18, 2006


Insanely, I decided to rollerblade today even though it's full sun and 85 out. I was afraid I'd pull an Egan (fainting in Starbucks) so I brought extra water, but that doesn't seem to help. It's the heat, not the humidity. ha ha...ahem.

Only about 6 cars in the normally full-o'-50-lot...but I did see some bikers out. I always used to wonder who these people are that work out in the middle of the day: moms? retirees? students? But now I honestly think they're all unemployed writers. And they all went home from biking to blog about what they saw.

I bladed past one of those crew parking signs. If you're not from L.A., they are little yellow signs with big arrows that have the name of some film/tv production on them. But they're that any Lindsay Lohan fan who knows the title of her next movie wont suddenly hang a U-turn in the middle of the road and follow the signs.

This sign said 'Unscrupulous' I did my impersonation of Snagglepuss' "exit stage left" and pretended to blade that way. I crack myself up.

I love the ones that say 'Numb' for Numbers (films in Pasadena) or 'Scrb' for Scrubs. not really much of a secret. Then there are those that say 'Unscrupulous', and really could just point in any old direction here in L.A. and be true.

I did a 2 minute stop in the shade to stretch, and a really odd and disturbing thing happened. An old guy in a golf cart going the opposite way just slowed to a stop to watch me. I gave him a 'freaking creep!' look, but he continued to stare. Not like I was wearing anything sexy or even mildly interesting for workout wear - and I was gross and sweaty, so he was just totally in the wrong. Perhaps he was wondering why a white white white paper stock white girl was outside in the sun.

When I finally got back to the parking lot, my jeep was the only car left. All the sane people had gone inside for water or food, just sitting eating their roast beef sandwiches watching me blade past and shaking their heads. 'She's crazy'. And really pale. But mostly crazy. And a bit unscrupulous.


Cheryl said...

It's 85? It's like 60 where I am--come blade in Westwood, my unscrupulous friend!

Tracy Lynn said...

Having scruples is TOTALLY overrated.

Egan said...

I heard that. No fainting please. Um, you must have wicked legs if you rollerblade. That's what I hear at least.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

82 right now...and the weather thingy shows a sun with drips from it...that's scary!

yes, wicked legs. If you keep flirting like that, Hyperion will start rumors. Whoops...too late.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

tracy - you and me - 'no scruples' club. We're going to have so many t-shirts! woooo!!

Tracy Lynn said...

Dude, if we keep this up, we can start a 'Club of the Month' Club. With T-shirts!

Neil said...

Maybe that was the casting director and they needed an actress who can roller blade.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

I reflect too much light into the lens...bad casting a reflective actress...maybe I should try self-tanner.