Monday, May 08, 2006

The IE Blues

Schrodinger's Kitten

Technology is the bane of my life! Grr...

So, to all my readers, I sadly got laid off on friday...which most importantly means no easy blog access. Somehow IE5 on my home computer does not support blogger formatting, and I cannot acccess dashboard to enter/edit blogs or comments. I've gotten the laptop to 'somewhat' work so that I can at least see what I'm typing now...Also running os9, which means safari/firefox etc..are not options. Don't berate me about os9. I hate you all running osX. If all else fails, I'll be trekking it to an internet cafe somwhere and playing tourist.

So, bye for a few days...will be online as soon as I can
(I feel like I'm in some hatch in the jungle somwhere entering numbers in a computer for no reason)...and in the meantime, if anyone knows of any film or TV production/development positions, let me know. ;^)

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Tracy Lynn said...

OH SWEETIE! Imagine me at your door with shots and some delicious food.