Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Don Music

Last friday, I equated my writing woes with this guy from Sesame Street. Remember him? Don Music from Sesame Street circa 1973. He didn't last long, as parents complained to the Children's Television Workshop that their kids were imitating him by banging their heads against things. I think I was one of those children. It explains a lot. I certainly recall doing in on the piano. Now I've graduated to laptops.

The typical sketch would have him become frustrated by his inability to think of the final line to well known children's dittys such as "Mary Had a Little Lamb". He would then react by banging his head repeatedly on his piano. "I'll never get it! Never, never, never, never...!"
But then Kermit the Frog would save the day and suggest the correct lyric. Don never liked it...but he would be inspired to suddenly come up with a whole alternate lyrical ending which he immediately plays with a full chorus of backup singers that suddenly appear from the next room.

If only my life were like that. I need backup singers.


Tracy Lynn said...

Dude, I'll totally be your back up singer. Now if I could only carry a tune....

I remember that guy. He was a riot.

Cheryl said...

I remember Don too--Sesame Street is so brilliant. And you are too! Just don't bang your head too hard. You need that laptop.

Fitèna said...

I can sing and I ang my head too. Want me as a backup singer?


Hyperion said...

I need backup singers and a laugh track