Saturday, September 22, 2007

Size DOES Matter

My toes are happy. Not since the great foot massage of '02 have my toes been so happy.

I have discovered the miracle that is sock-sizing.

Yes, you heard me. Sock-sizing. Most socks come in one size - women's. Alas, some of us have feet...say...the size of men...and women's socks are tight. They stifle. They stretch. The heels hit my arch. The ribbing leaves permanent scarring on my ankles.

So I was amazed to discover that there are some companies (thank you Hanes) that make socks for women with up to size 12 feet! Glory be!

I bought a package, and slipped a pair god. They fit. My feet can bend without the sock flipping off a la Cinderella.

And my feet look normal, not like big giganto feet squeezing into baby socks. Which makes me feel good about my feet. And sexy.

Because you know what they say about women with big feet. *wink*


Anonymous said...

I have 'larger-than-tiny' feet too...where did you find those sized socks?

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

The genius that is TARGET! Imagine that...

Tracy Kaply said...

Dude. You must feel AWESOME.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

TL - TOTALLY and in a NON-IRONIC way.