Saturday, December 01, 2007

Hot Damn

What amazing novelty is this?

Self-heating hot cocoa?

The light in the grocery store seemed to narrow and focus on the shelving with this glorious invention. Angels sung a symphony of praise and wonderment. Trumpets blared Vivaldi, and pimpley-faced clerks in red aprons bowed in humble worship.

Are you seriously telling me that without access to a microwave, without a stove, and even without the cave-man ability to make fire, milk a cow and shell cocoa beans, I am able to enjoy a lovely hot chocolately beverage?

With marshmallows?

My god, it’s a christmas miracle.


Hyperion said...

Now if they can just eliminate the need for me to shop, I'll be all set

Cheryl said...

Or the work of Satan.

But they probably said that about the light bulb and the George Foreman Grill when they first appeared in this world.

Tracy Kaply said...

I'm just sayin'.

Hyperion said...


I forgot I already left a hilarious comment. I can't leave another one, especially one right after TL's lame one, which would make her look bad.

I'll come back later....

Hyperion said...