Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Gotta love the comic-dorks.

I e-mailed my boyfriend D, a huge comic book fan, and I told him that I was not sleeping well...

The following is his response.

"basically superman was in this battle with braniac once where braniac fried his brain, and as a result of the injuries, over the next several issues superman noticed he was sleeping less and feeling less & less energized at work. he'd be at his desk at the daily planet with stubble on his face and someone would be like, "jeez clark are you feeling ok?" meanwhile this new superhero shows up on the streets of metropolis named "Gangbuster" who only patrolled the streets & night and was super-violent with all the criminals. superman kept trying to track him down but was never able to find him.

then one day Gangbuster gets into a fight with another superhero called The Guardian, and at one point Guardian swipes at Gangbuster's armor & tears his shirt. Gangbuster looks down at his torn shirt and sees the superman logo underneath! that shocks him and suddenly he realizes that he IS Superman, and Superman IS Gangbuster--he had been parading around in his schizophrenic state as this phony made-up superhero who was acting out all the stuff that Superman never let himself do in his waking life! Basically all the stuff Batman does but Superman says he would never do. So this totally shocked Superman so much that he exiled himself to space for a while because he didnt trust himself around humans anymore. he later returned to earth of course once he was sure he had been cured. so even Superman has trouble sleeping sometimes!"

You gotta give him props for the effort.


Hyperion said...

Be honest: the entire point of this post was so that you could oh-so-casually mention that you have a BF. 'Fess up!

Well, I shan't hate. I've been known to do the same thing to drop references in my columns to my enormous wang.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

Oh Hypey, you know me so well...I'll eventually drop the wang reference too.

Tracy Kaply said...

Geek love is the best kind.