Thursday, May 01, 2008


In case you're wondering why I've been relatively silent for the last 6 months - I just celebrated a 6 month anniversary with a BOY. Meaning a person of the male gender. A MAN. A human with a penis.

That's right...I haven't been blogging, because I got a life. I heard my brain, in an oh so subtle William Shatner-esque way, imply that I needed one. And I went out to find it, and there he was, innocently calling himself the Gonzo of the world...complete with car, job, and cute little face.

I could of course, start blogging about how adorable he is, and how much we're in love, and how he's my schmoopy, and I'm his schmoopy...oh wait..was that the sound of you vomiting? I thought so.

So, basically what I'm saying is that you should THANK me for being silent. That's owe me.

I like chocolate. I'm just sayin...


Cheryl said...

Girl, you don't get any chocolate from us. That's what you have a man for.

Now: Your six-month get-out-of-blogging free card has just expired. Seeing as how you're going on all these interesting dates, there should be lots to blog about. You don't have to tell us he's adorable (though I know he is). Just tell us about the movie you saw together. Or whateva. We've missed you!

Dragon said...

Nah, that was the sound of Hyperion vomitting. :) Congrats sweetie. You desevere all the happiness you can get.

Tracy Lynn said...

Dude, way to try and make your laziness legit. No write some funny shit for me or else.

Hyperion said...

Saying you're not blogging because you have a life implicitly implies (so it's double secret) that those who do write, or blog, have no life. Which, may be true, but is still bitchy.

I think what you really mean to say is that since being with a man you have learned your place, which can be succinctly summarized by the following maxim: "...When spoken to."

(JK. Or are I?)