Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Like sands through the hourglass...

Santino passionately kissed Beth Phoenix. Beth Phoenix grabbed Santino's hair, and kissed him right back.

These are my stories.

Are Santino and Beth going to get together?
Is Cena dating Mickie? Or just friends? Why were her panties at his house?
What's going to happen to Edge and Vickie now that they're married and he's cheating on her?

Will Tom romance his younger sister accidentally? Will John steal Marlena from Roman? DId someone curse Luke & Laura's marraige? Is John really Stephano's half brother? were Stefan and Laura lovers and is Stefann possibly Nikolas' father? Did Laura kill Rick Webber? Is it all just a daydream by an autistic child looking at a snowglobe? Ooops....getting ahead of myself.

Yes, I am a WWE Opera fan.

Witness the moment between Santino and Beth. Wrestling, Kissing. Strange emotions in the air. It's got it all.

Don't judge me or I'll swanton bomb you.

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