Thursday, September 04, 2008


I could live in Starbucks.

They serve my ‘I must be specific about the amount of sugar pumps in my pumpkin spice latte without a grimace from you’ coffee needs, my lunchtime ‘I’m pretending I’m in paris eating a ham baguette with cherries’ sandwich needs, my ‘ I am attempting to be healthy so I’ll eat vegetables in dip which actually equals the calories in a sandwich’ needs, and now, they meet my ‘something which seems like a breakfast food that doesn’t come from mcdonalds’ needs.

They now serve oatmeal.

Sure, it’s the same instant kind I could get a the grocery store, and make at home. But it comes with dried fruit, and brown sugar packets, and nuts. And it’s just so darned cute.

And the calories are all marked! So I can see that when I’m trying to keep my breakfast at 200 calories, the brown sugar mix and dried fruit and nuts actually makes it 400 calories.

But what a perfect 400 calories it is.

If only they had fold-out beds.


Cheryl said...

Who needs beds when you have espresso? It'll be like a slumber party where no one actually slumbers, and I'll be there because the road to my novel is being paved with nonfat lattes.

egan said...

The oatmeal is actually of the steel cut variety so it's the higher end stuff than Quaker Oats. It's more like McCann's. Good option if you ask me.