Sunday, April 08, 2007

Eggs are so last year

I know the world has changed.

But color me surprised to see the Easter Bunny changing his style.

My friend's kids were looking for easter eggs hidden in their hotel room this morning left by the easter bunny. And suddenly the kids found...


It was under the couch - that easter bunny is crafty with his hiding skills. Just the CD, but complete with some really graphic girl private part photos on the front. Jakob (6) said...'Ewww...naked girls', handed me the DVD and went on looking for eggs.

Maybe it was a present for me. How that crafy bunny knew I was going to be visiting a friend on vacation in their hotel room, I'll never know.

But really - I think he should get some better taste. "Pink and Pretty" isn't really my thing. I'll have to ask for "Big & Buff" next year.

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