Thursday, June 04, 2009

Celebrating people you don't know!

Ah...the sweet sweet smell of office birthday cake.


Why does it seem that every office birthday party has the same funky cake? Really stale super-sweet white cake with pudding between the layers, or, on a good day…mildly almost chocolate mousse. And it’s always topped with GIGANTIC purple flowers that not only stain your teeth, but taste like waxed paper. And it’s not like they come from the same store – I’ve seen the boxes. I’ve even been a member of the ‘let’s go somewhere new for cake’ committee, and gotten something that LOOKS way better. Something with berries on the top, say…but deep down, all cakes are the same.

The one exception cake was a wonderful tiny marzipan fondant almond cake from Sweet Lady Jane’s that I got from my ex-boss. And I didn’t like her. And she got me the best cake ever.

I’m sure there’s some MORAL there. I’m just too sugar-high to figure it out.

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Cheryl said...

The worst part is that no matter how crappy free cake is, I eat it anyway 'cause I'm like, Hey, free cake!