Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Been too long...

You know it's been too long in between blogs, when google asks you to re-sign in every time.

I only have one excuse. I punctured my eardrum. Granted, that was yesterday, but I think pre-pain was seeping in through parallel universes in the space-time continuum to give me phantom ear pain way in advance. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Some more random thoughts, because I'm too lazy to actually write a post with a coherent theme and meaning like Cheryl does EVERY FREAKING TIME. No, I'm not bitter. Just because she's a published writer, and awesome, and supercool...doesn't mean I secretly want to write a New York Times Bestseller just to show her up. Ok, maybe I do.

However, said best seller isn't more than 5 words long at the here are thoughts to ponder:

1. Michael Jackson's dead body. I mean, he was icky enough alive. Why would I want to see him dead?

2. Wood-fired Pizza. I would not think pizza could be better, but apparently firing it over wood does the trick. I would like to see Wood-fired Mac&Cheese, Wood-fired Bacon, and Wood-fired Cupcakes.

3. Cupcakes. Need I say more?

4. Paper. How is it that I seem to only have photo paper, or three hole punched paper in my house when I need to print something on regular paper. And when I need three holed paper, I only have regular paper. Or when I need to print on photo get the point.

5. Buffy. Sigh.

6. Who are these people that win the lottery? Has anyone ever known them? I have a suspicion they really don't exist, and the money is funneled in to government Black Ops programs. Not that I'm against Black Ops. I just would prefer to have the 39 million myself. Note to Black Ops people: I LOVE BLACK OPS! Do not show up at my door.

7. Why does an email to me, from me, always go into my spam folder? Jesus.

8. Does anyone want to get together and put really awesome neon puffy paint on our Keds?

9. Do kids still go to summer camp? I never hear about it anymore. Maybe it's because I don't have kids or befriend people with kids. Mainly because I hate kids, and wish they'd all go to camp.

10. Ebay higher volume purchased x discounted prices = the same freaking amount of money i would have spent on fewer things in better condition. Is having lots of crap better than having only some nice things?

My ear hurts. Enjoy yourselves, nasty readers who guilt me into writing blogs. Even though you don't email me, I know you're there.



Anonymous said...

Patiently lurking.

Tracy Lynn said...

Damn straight.

Cheryl said...

There's totally a coherent theme here. It's "Signs of Our Times." Like the Prince album. And THAT was a best-seller.