Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Online Dating EXPOSED!

This article makes me furious.

I take offront to someone who professes to write about how the online dating community is a waste of time when he cant even fill out a profile about himself. Clearly, this fellow has no abiliy to define who he is, what he wants, and shouldn’t be dating anyone at all until he figures that out. If trying to list your favorite movies puts you in paralysis of double-thinking, perhaps you should double-think yourself right out the door. What real woman wants to date someone that can’t decide what level of dishonesty he’s going with for today’s profile?

I think finding anyone in this crazy world that you like is winning the lottery. I think falling in love with that person and them falling in love with you back is like winning the lottery 3 times in a row and then Ed McMahon showing up at your door when you get home with a humongous Publisher’s clearing house check. And Ed McMahon is alive. That’s the kind of miracle I think finding your soulmate is. SO believe me when I say that finding MY soulmate on match.com was a miracle, one that was brought about by some very important things this man is clearly forgetting:

1. Know who you are. If you can’t define yourself, then take some time to get to know yourself. How can you become ½ of a whole if you aren’t sure what you have to offer?

2. Know what you want. Don’t be that loser who thinks the scatter-gun effect is real. If your only criteria in a mate is ‘breathing’ then get off the internet.

3. Be real. Don’t lie. Don’t write what you think the opposite gender wants to hear. Write from your heart. It ensures that the other heart reading your profile is the right one. If your heart has nothing to say...see suggestion #1.

And as my boyfriend and soulmate of 2 years (whom I met on match.com) added: "So we have a person who writes for CNN.com, what is presumably supposed to be a reputable news/analysis website, admitting that he gave up doing research for the article after what I can only assume was 10 minutes worth of work, yet still wrote the article anyway and tried to pass it off as some sort of cute insightful analysis of the entire industry of online dating. Come to think of it, there are plenty of things I have given up on after 10 minutes. Hey CNN! I need a job!"

If you want to, as this CNN.com writer says find "...a play land of false romantic promises and deferred risk” then by all means, follow his advice. Because not participating in life and not even bothering to try and look for that diamond in the rough is a sure way to REALLY make it a huge waste of time.


Cheryl said...

I'm with your bf on the shoddy journalism part. This guy is saying the same cranky thing other people have said, but with less insight and timeliness.

Duh, of course an online profile doesn't represent the entirety of who you are. Of course there are silly little hoops we jump through to make ourselves seem successful yet self-deprecating. But all those things happen when you meet someone in a bar too. The internet has not yet killed human nature.

Anonymous said...

This was an excellent commentary. You need to submit it to CNN for review. You just might get a job as a contributor...well done, Kitten.