Friday, October 27, 2006

itunes Betrays Me

ok, GET OFF MY BACK! I admit it! I like disco.

There will be a brief pause for you to gasp or slit your throats.

I discovered this horror upon horrors when reviewing my itunes 'most played' and was shocked and dismayed to discover "Mandolay" by La Flavour was top at 69. Note that number. It disturbed me.

Second on the list was "Hot Shot" by Karen a measley 35 plays.
I wont even go into the others, but they included 70's hits of James Taylor, 10cc, and Andy Gibb.

Really, looking at my playlist, you'd assume I was in my mid-50's.

How is it possible that in my 2 months of having itunes, I've listened to one song 69 times! That breaks down to 1.15 plays a day! And the only lyric is MANDOLAY! (Say Hey) MANDOLAY! I don't even know what it means! Is it supposed to mean anything? I'm a sick, sick person. Sick, I tell you!

Yes, there's the occasional "Sexyback" or Arcade Fire. There's also a lot of 80's as well, but it tends to focus on an absurd amount of Adam Ant. I mean, who doesn't love Adam Ant, but I was a tad obsessed. It was the jacket, I swear.

But what I have most of is: Jack Benny
I am proud to admit I have over 45 episodes of the Jack Benny Show from 1933-1955.

That puts me in my late 70's. I'll trade you my Lucky Strikes for your Betty Grable poster.

1.15 plays a day. Sick, sick puppy. MANDOLAY!


Tracy Lynn said...

Dude, I LOVE 10cc! And who doesn't love Jack Benny? Philistines, that's who.
And if you're moderating the comments, why do I still have to word verify?

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

I'm lazy. I changed more typing ASBJIFBD.