Thursday, October 19, 2006

Slight Chance of Afternoon Showers

Now that I'm not working, the days have shifted into stressful mornings and lazy afternoons. Somehow all the job-searching, emailing, blogging, new reading, commenting and caffeine-ating takes place in the morning, and I'm left with an afternoon of anxious pacing, phone-calling people who are not home from work yet, and...if I'm feeling ambitious, watering the lawn. But almost every day in the afternoon, I do take a shower.

I had no idea the depth of this watertastic invention of the afternoon shower! It's more relaxing, more productive, and there's no end to the things I can accomplish! Why just yesterday I shaved everything that needed to be shaved, and then thought...hey, I have the shaved things that didn't need to be shaved! I even allowed that 30 seconds that seems important for the shaving cream to 'activate' my prickly leg hair before shaving it off. It's an old wives tale, but...hey, I have the time!

Nose buffers, masks, pore minimizers, moisturizers, hair protoplasm treatments - all things that can be done in the shower, but only an afternoon 15 minute shower!

Also, the time it takes to correctly mix and match shower gels and shampoo smells cannot be overrated. Caramel Cafe conditioner should not be mixed with Chanel No 5 gel, but Philosophy and Dove seem to be just right. There's nothing worse than having your boyfriend sniff the cupcake yummy that is your arm, followed by musky night-out sexy hair. Major nasal faux pas.

And that old buffer for my feet that hangs from the water spout that I never have time to use? I used it! I think I received it as a gift in 1989 from my grandmother. It works well when you have the time to balance on one foot while holding the curtain rod with one hand, and shower-head with the other. Like water Yoga.

Don't forget Hot Oil treatments. They take 5 minutes...and they're worth it, but who has the time in a 5:45am shower? So now I can do one weekly, and have that shine-happy hair that celebrities have. I'm sure those celebs often take afternoon showers. They may even have people HELP them with their afternoon showers.

And the best part? I'm so clean! It's amazing to be clean every afternoon, smell clean, and not have to rush through hair prep, clothes prep, to head off to work where 'work' smells like smoke and donuts get in your pores and ruin your 'clean' smelling prettiness. If only we all could be clean and not leave the house. The world would be a better place.

I just wish I had time for a bath sometimes. But really, when it comes down to it...baths are for losers that have nothing better to do in their day.



Egan said...

Are you calling my wife a loser? Those are fighting words damn you.

Schrodinger's Kitten said... I'm calling her really really really clean.

Egan said...

Good recovery chica.

Tracy Lynn said...

Baths are for Sunday afternoons, after brunch.