Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Strangers on a Plantain

Sipping a nice glass (no shoddy plastic here peeps) of Grey Goose vodka (The shout out is due to the free bottle in my gift bag!) and raspberry lemonade at Los Angeles Magazine's World Cuisine event, I realized that LA really IS full of people my age. I tend to forget.

In bars I only see younger, at work I only see older. Plus bar peeps and mortgage peeps are not my type of intellectual social friends. I wish the old adage from my Grandmother about meeting nice men in libraries was true. I'll bet you Albert Einstein hung out in the library. He was also a philanderer, but you can't be perfect. Honestly, I'd choose a philandering physicist genius over a loving slightly dim waiter any day. Perhaps that's why I'm still single. It's hard to find philandering physicist geniuses. Alive ones, anyway.

But this Food Event was jam-packed full of 30-40 something smart-loooking guys and gals gulping down vodka tonics, red snapper and mango truffles. Some even struck up conversation with me about the food we were eating! I know - people talking to strangers in LA - It never happens! Amazing!

Matching girls in tight blue dresses with hair in pony tails reminiscent of Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love video walked around with trays of Vodka tonics, displaying that stone-faced look when serving. I found it robotic and strange, I'm sure the men found it 'hot'.

But here's the interesting part - the same robotic Vodka girls asked to take a photo of me and my gal-pal April holding our drinks. We said 'oh,' and posed as if we knew we were the trendiest of trendy hollywood hipsters. Yes, I am a famous director, how did you know?

I was flattered, but then suddenly horrified that I might have spinach puffs in my teeth, and they'd forget to photoshop those out before I'm seen in the next Los Angeles Magazine 'HOT in LA' section. April and I teeth-checked for the rest of the event.

But despite the plethora of people my age, I left with the 3 peeps I came with. All of us struck out, so I guess I'm a little pacified by that. And leaving single yet full with veal, mini cupcakes and champagne? Well...almost better than leaving hungry with a hottie.

Oh, I forgot the plantains. Give me plantains or give me hotties! Patrick Henry would be proud.


Cheryl said...

I heard that chicks who are into red snapper and plantains are bisexual.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

Good thing I don't eat fish then, eh? ahem. Pun intended.