Saturday, August 25, 2007

At least 4 year olds love me.

Leaving work last night, a father and his 4 year old son were sitting on a bench by the elevator. I smiled, passed, and while waiting for the elevator to come, the 4 year old kid says in his not-too-sotto voice...'She's hot'.

And the father nearly choked on his soda.

He looked to me, to make sure I was not offended by his little lethario. I smiled back, and said 'I heard that'...and winked at the kid.

My elevator came, I got inside. As the doors closed, the kid says to his Dad...

'She'll be back'.

In 14 years, he's all mine, ladies.


Hyperion said...

You can't have him until he's 18, but....

You can lust after him at 16....watiting for him to know these things.

You can talk about what it will be luck to lust after him at 16 (while still waiting to bone 'til he's 18) when he's 14.

And in rare cases, you can talk about what it will be like to talk about what it will be like to lust after him (while still waiting) at 12.

Guys know this stuff. We are taught in school while you girls are taught whatever the hell they teach you when we were separated. But I have noticed that girls tend not to know the whole age thing, so I thought I'd help out.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

Good to know.

Tracy Kaply said...

Sweet. You've conquered the pre-kindergarten set.

Anonymous said...

Made me smile. Thanks for sharing.