Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hardly Workin'

I dont get friends' e-mails at work. And I'm not too upset, as it's fair - they're not work-related.

Yes, (gasp) - sometimes I'm not really working at work. I'm e-mailing people videos of scubadiving cats. Sometimes I'm trying hard to figure out how to get my IM to work with addresses outside the company. I'm watching powerpoints of resorts in Bali, or sending on that classic 'crazy things to do at work'. I did page myself and didn't disguise my voice. Nobody got it.

But mostly it's the scubadiving cat thing that gets my panties in a bunch. Who DOESN'T want to see that video?

I do work at the US's 4th largest financial institution and they're pretty paranoid about stuff like that. Scubadiving cats may just bring them to their knees. In fact, I'm certain it would.

However, it ticks me off to get censored in any way - be it blog, email, art, tv, film etc....any sort of expression. so, here is a little presentation on some censorship in TV - my favorite medium. It's called that because it's neither rare, nor well done.

I crack myself up. Too bad I couldn't have emailed you that joke.

1942 -- Tweety Bird first appears in "A Tale of Two Kitties." Animator Bob Clampett originally draws him without feathers, but the Hays Office censorship bureau thinks the plucked bird is just a little too naked. So Clampett covers Tweety's titillating flesh with yellow plumage. Clampett doesn't let this pass quietly, though. In the episode, a cat yells to his partner, "Give me the bird!" To which the other cat responds, "If the Hays Office would only let me, I'd give him the bird, all right!"

1959 -- On the dramatic anthology series "Playhouse 90," an episode titled "Judgment at Nuremberg" has all references to gas chambers eliminated from its re-enactment of the Nazi trials. This is done at the behest of the show's slightly sensitive sponsor, the American Gas Association.

1964 -- Mary Ann from "Gilligan's Island," Jeannie from "I Dream of Jeannie," and "Gidget" are all barred from baring their navels. Actress Mariette Hartley receives the same treatment in a 1966 episode of "Star Trek," but the show's director, Gene Roddenberry, gets his revenge in 1973. He recasts Ms. Hartley in the pilot for his new show, "Genesis II," and gives her two belly buttons.

1979 -- "The Muppet Show" is banned from TV in Saudi Arabia, due to Miss Piggy's, well, pig-ness. (The Prophet Muhammad declared the flesh of swine "an abomination.") Merchandise bearing her likeness is confiscated from shops and destroyed.



Hyperion said...

Be honest: right now, does your nose feel numb?

Anonymous said...

I don't get hyperion.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

To be honest, none of us do.

Hyperion said...

Jeez, I punched a giant mouse in the butt! Do I have to draw you a picture?

From all the cocaine you've been doing, which is the only way you could have written that post!

Hyperion said...

See, cocaine is an "anesthetic," which has the effect of making your nose feel numb when snorted.

This is why you will often see people on TV (or in real life) touching their nose repeatedly after snorting coke. They simply cannot believe their nose is still there when they can't feel it.

Next time you watch Leno pay attention to the guest who reaaaaaaly seems excited. Is she/she touching his/her nose often?