Friday, June 13, 2008

But they're ORGANIC

Do you ever find yourself buying things that are the same as other things, just with different labels, and the label made the difference?

Like..I bought 'organic fruity bears' at whole foods. They would appear to be healthy based on the title, yes? Organic = good. Fruit = good. Bears = awesome.

BUT, in reality, these are sugar coated gel pectin candy, and are no better than something you'd get in a bright shiny package at a candy store. But I bought them due to the pretty vegan wholesome advertising label.

AND - I feel no guilt in eating one. It's an Organic Fruity Bear! It's like I biked to work and recycled everything and wear vegan shoes. Organic Fruity Bears!

I think that's all advertising is...making us feel better about ourselves through mass trickery. There's no big moral here, really...I just wanted to admit that I understand I'm being tricked. I'm on to you people. And I will point at you menacingly as I eat my healthy and delicious organic fruity bears. Yum!


Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Organic gummy bears?!? Oh Schro, say it ain't so!

This just screams for a posting on "stuff white people like".

Michelle said...

LOL, next stop "vegan shoes"!

And here's a great site to check out: