Monday, June 30, 2008

Movie...THE Movie.

I was privy to a conversation yesterday between my bf(boyfriend) and his bf(best friend) about how they really didn't like the last Bond movie. And the first thought that came into my mind was... 'slit his throat'...and then my second thought was...'they don't get it.'

I really think, if you didn't grow up reading Ian Fleming, then you don't know Bond. And those people won't care for these movies, since they're not the fluff of yesteryear. this with that in mind. And if you don't get a tingle of 'oh YEAH!' from this... watch your throat.

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Hyperion said...

I tried reading "Casino Royale," to do a "Movie vs. Book" column, but so far it's very boring to me. I grew up reading Nick Carter books, which are supposed to be the American James Bond, but they are way more accessible. Trash, to be sure, but easy to read.

I know Fleming is supposed to be THE MAN, so, can you give any hints on how to read this thing? So far I've been getting lots of rest.