Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Peas and Gravy

I just realized - I don't like MIXED flavors. I'm not a mixer.

Take gummy bears. I feel deep down that you should eat only one color at a time. Put 6 red ones in your mouth - YUM. But put a red and green in there? CACOPHONY!!! TRAITOROUS!!! BLASPHEMOUS!!!!

I feel the same about citrus candy - like those ones that are shaped like oranges and grapefruit slices. Oranges go with Oranges. Grapefruit goes with Grapefruit. Oranges do NOT go with Grapefruit and we will NOT have that type of fraternization in THIS SCHOOL.

I am a flavor racist. NO Orange will drink out of the same water-fountain as MY grapefruit!

Plus, I really don't like gravy getting all over everything at Thanksgiving. But thats a whole different topic.


Hyperion said...

Your OCD is an inspiration to us all.

Also, I'm guessing that drinking a graveyard (where you mix all the available fountain drinks together) would just kill you.

In this spirit, I feel you need to know that there are over 168,000 drink combinations at Sonic (a semi-fast food place on the South). I have been working my way through the Slushy variety, so far trying 56 different flavor combinations.


Tracy Lynn said...