Friday, July 28, 2006

Tracy made me

Tracy tagged me on this meme - so here it goes. More than you ever wanted to know about Schrodinger and her pack-rat nature.

What's in your purse?

bambi wallet
3 kinds of lip gloss, none of which I like.
cell phone that's always off
cool mini tube of hand cream
summerland beach cafe business card

What's in your fridge?

I'm on a diet, so only...
diet stewarts orange cream soda
sugar-free jello
BO-RING, I know.

What's in your car?

dirty socks from rollerblading
4 different kinds of perfume in the glove box for 'emergency smelly-ness' aka rollerblading
a map of Arizona (rollerblading?)
Barry White's Greatest Hits
a million pennies glued to the cup holders with melted lip gloss. Stupid CA sun.

What's in your closet?

more clothes than I care to mention
more shoes than I care to mention
apple crate labels from Sebastopol, CA
tons of unfinished beaded Christmas ornaments - 1930's style.
my model boat collection in boxes
a broken wooden banana tree plant that I refuse to throw away because it's super cool and someday I'll have a woodshop-savvy boyfriend that will help me fix it.
dirty clothes hamper
my cat Schro (usually in the hamper)

And if you read all that, I should note that I was going to make this interesting by being 'funny'...but I figured honesty is almost just as funny, and far more easy to write.


Tracy Lynn said...

Well done you! Damn California sun, indeed.
And what's with you and the lip gloss?

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

sadly, lip gloss is my obsession. The makeup coalition has decided sparkly is in, so I'm on the hunt for the elusive non-sparkly coral gloss that makes me look like Angelina Jolie.