Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cat the vote!

I'm forwarding on this story because it amuses me, there's a cat in it, and it tends to reflect my current idea of the voting process:

A man who reportedly believed Republicans were conspiring to steal today's election entered an Allentown polling site, signed in and proceeded to smash the screen of one of the electronic voting machines with a metal cat paperweight, poll volunteers said. (Broken machine pictured above) Police gave no motive, but a source said Young, a registered Independent, believed Republicans had conspired to win the election by using electronic ballots. Young, who brought the paperweight with him, then sat down, hung his head and waited for police, who arrested him without incident. "He came in here very peaceably and showed his ID," said volunteer Gladys Pezoldt, "then he got on the machine and just snapped…He was immediately remorseful. When the police came, he got up, turned around and put his hands behind his back."

Really...the part I love best is that he signed in, started to vote, and then lost it. And with a premeditated metal cat. You can't beat that story with a paperweight, kids.

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Cheryl said...

I tried mashing my ink-a-ballot with a cat paperweight, but it just wasn't the same.