Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lust in Space

On the subject of the female astronaut who attacked her rival for the affection of Mr. Two-timing Shuttle Captain and is on trial for attempted murder -

- My 60 year old male co-worker said 'you'd think someone of that background and intellegence would have more sense.' I paused and realized I thought that *he* would have more sense.

Newsbobbleheads on those plague-like TV channels keep commenting on the travesty of someone so tested, so psychologically is it possible that this person was afflicted? How did this woman, who was run the gamut of stress tests, physical and mental - how did she lose her mind?


Love makes you insane.

Really, I don't see why this is news to people.

Love doesn't hold back for intellect, race, or creed. It doesnt matter how strong your brain is. It doesnt notice that you've passed the cyclotron 5G test. It pays no attention to the mission patch on your shoulder. It doesn't matter to what depths your soul has been sold, bought or processed a la 'Say Anything'...when 'love' takes over, it takes over like a disease, rendering the most solid faculties into romantic mush.

Call me a romantic or a cynic. They're both true.

Yes, cross country driving diaper wearing homicidial maniacs are an exception...but you see where I'm coming from. No matter how much you ridicule her - bottom line is, she was obsessed with someone. Is she a freak for the diaper stuff? Yes. Should we ridicule her for loving this guy? No. We should pity her. I don't normally find myself in the position of supporting stalkers, but I do think people need to realize the insanity to which emotion will drive you.

I actually hung my head in disavowment of the work discussion, as I didn't want to be forced to stand up as a representative of the stalker genre. But inside, I was screaming 'don't laugh at her - that poor woman! Driven to an insane action by love! Don't you get it?'

I mean seriously...would I avow my love for someone and follow them around like a puppy? Yes. Would I actually track down and hurt someone who didnt love me? No.

So I want you all to think of this astronaut in love, in space, and see her float around helplessly as her mental prowess slowly turns into a bowl of oatmeal. And pity her.

Because in space, no-one can hear you cry.


Tracy Lynn said...

Yeah, but she didn't try to kill HIM, did she? She tried to kill some poor woman who may or may not have known about Stalker Girl in the first place.

Totally out of hand, dude.

Cheryl said...

I can't wait till they come out with Attempted Murderess Barbie.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

TL - what do you mean? I always follow around potential rivals with knives and garbage bags.

C - with companion Two-Timing Captain Ken.