Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yippie-Ki-Yay, Macmuffin!

As Tracy so happily informed me last night..."Hey your little Mac muffin is in a movie."

Yes, Justin Long...henceforth known as 'my little Mac muffin' from the Macintosh commercials, is in 'Accepted', which came out last week. I have not seen it yet. I'm waiting for the audiences to lessen. I think my matinee moaning would disturb the kiddies.

In the meantime, I get to report that Mac Muffin is joining Bruce Willis for the fourth film in the 'Die Hard' series, 'Die Hard: Reset' starting shooting next month. The storyline for the fourth film finds John McClane (Willis) coming out of retirement to battle an internet terrorist group that plans to demolish the world's technological infrastructure. My Mac Muffin will be playing a recently paroled computer expert who helps John McClane (Willis) take down cyber terrorists. In one version of the script, Mac Muffin was supposed to be McClane’s grown-up son, John Jr, but it’s unclear whether he still is, in the latest incarnation of the script.

Off to see Accepted. I'll try not to fall asleep right after, in case he wants to cuddle.


Hyperion said...

Have you not seen WAITING...., which Hyperion so thoughtfull reviewed? He's in that. Kinda boring, but then again, when you're up against the scrumptious Ryan Reynolds, all you can do is hold on....mmmmm....holding on to Ryan Reynolds.

Tracy Lynn said...

OMG, I will so fly out and see that with you. Just because you are my long lost sister, and neither of us likes Star Trek. At All.

kapgar said...

Go to Mac TV and click on episode #170 to get a MacMuffin commercial that was exclusive to WWDC 2006 out in San Francisco. No, he's not the priority character in it. But I thought you might enjoy it anyway.

Did you enjoy fruity MacMuffin in The Break-Up?

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

Hyp - How dare you blashpheme comparing MacMuffin to Ryan Reynolds! The Whore!

TL - I don't own any autographed photos of Bill Shatner. None At All.

Kapgar - You ROCK! He could burp the alphabet and I'd go see it. And Fruity MacMuffin is just as tasty as original MacMuffin. I'm not obsessed...Not At All.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

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