Thursday, March 30, 2006

Flower Fanatics

Pretty flower. Pretty.

Went to the orchid show in Santa Barbara Saturday. There are some serious orchid fanatics out there, people.

I went to mainly take photographs, this being the artsy fartsy best, but possibly more interesting was the crowd of 55 and over retirees who were fawning over these blooms like long lost children. And who set up lawn chairs and buckets of sand to re-create large 'Paradise' dioramas in a corner of the fairgrounds. Someone even brought in a full size dune buggy filled with orchids. Not sure how that fits the theme 'Paradise', but to each his own.

Personally, any plant that requires hourly attention isn't worth growing unless it produces hallucinogenic fruit, or 100 dollar bills.

But they're prreeeetttttttyyy.

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Tracy Lynn said...

Dude, that shit just reminds me of Nero Wolfe. I can't think of anything else when I think of orchids. Oh, except, for some reason, I also think of the Black Dahlia Case, but that's not an orchid is it?
I'm not very floral-y minded, I'm afraid.