Thursday, March 23, 2006

I'll trade you a Unicorn for a Pegasus

I am a girl.

I realized this while at the drugstore, as I flipped out over the cuteness of toenail stickers. Seriously. I actually said 'Awww' aloud.

I bought them, and had an entire pagan sacrifice candle ritual last night wherein I cleaned my feet, re-did the polish(fire opal), applied said stickers, and top coated them 3 - count em! *3* times. All while watching Alias.

And the stickers have rhinestones. I have sparkly feet.

And if I wanted to, like Jennifer Garner, I could silently kill you with these pointy deadly-weapon diamond-encrusted toes. And be cute while doing it. Ben Affleck beware.


Tracy Lynn said...

Man, you are WAY girly. That's cute.

And dangerous, too, which is the best kind of girly, or at least the most authentic.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

almost TOO girly? BWA HA HA HA...the cult of dangerous cute girls. I might have to start a club. Want to join?

Cheryl said...

Like Jennifer Garner, you are a woman of many disguises. Yay for nail polish posts!