Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Thumb Twiddling

This here to my right is Kelly. In his spare time, Kelly takes photographs of himself, and draws a beard on them. He then photoshops the photo to make it appear that he's been growing this beard for decades a la Rip Van Winkle. He then sends the photo to his friends to illustrate his fantastic thumb-twiddling photoshop talent, humor and dashing good looks.

Now I bring this up because what people do in their spare time to amuse themselves is a subject of interest. Personally, I wouldn't draw a beard on me and photoshop myself to look like a freak, but that's just me. (Of course you're not a freak, Kelly- I'm talking about other people.) I prefer the old fashioned surfing random websites until you fall asleep as a method of time-wasting. Also I like looking myself up on or googling myself and seeing if anything is new. Apparently one of my student films is on a site in Germany, in case anyone cares. Far be it from me to bother finding out how anyone over there saw it.

Is googling yourself a form of narcissism? Hmm...maybe I shouldn't have admitted that. And randomly, there are a lot of s' in narcissism. And is the plural posessive of "s" s' ?

Sometimes I even google my old high school boyfriend to see if he still exsists. If anyone knows a John Dickey - let me know. Yes, that's his real last name.

And occasionally I look at Physics Today, or maps of rural France, or the MacGyver fan site (he's going to be a guest voice on the Simpsons next week!) just to round out my daily boredom.

And just to clarify - Kelly is a computer programmer. I think that explains a lot.


Shari said...

Pretty darn funny...I actually play 'freecell' when I'm bored so
I guess I'm just an old-fashioned girl.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

I think they removed freecell from our work computers - bastards! Like they expect us to actually do our work or something.
Where do you work again? ;^)

Tracy Lynn said...

I check my site stats compulsively. I also check my bank account and credit card balance. You know, just in case money has miraculously appeared.

It could happen!

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

Kelly says he didn't do the photoshopping - the 'art department' did.


Cheryl said...

"If I can remember your name, I've googled you." That's a quote from the Friendster site of a guy who lived on my dorm floor sophomore year, whose name I remembered, so of course I had searched for him.

I'm also a fan of clicking "next blog." It brings up some crazy stuff.