Thursday, March 23, 2006

You like me, you really like me!

Somehow after only 7 days of blogging experience, I was tagged to be part of a group blog project. I feel like the high school nerd that's suddenly picked to be the mascot. Hey wait...that was me. It's all coming back now. Go Tigers!

SO... Hyperion came up with the brilliant idea of the 'days of the month' blog - like President's Day or the Breast Cancer Awareness Day...but ours are 'Pirates vs. Ninjas Day' or 'Beef Jerky Day'. Because Pirates are way funnier than breast cancer. And Beef Jerky.

Personally, I'm considering 'Take MacGyver to work Day' and possibly 'Lettuce Wedge Salad Day'. I'm also bitter I didn't come up with 'Pirates vs. Ninjas Day', because that's funnier than MacGyver and Lettuce. And breast cancer.

I'll post the link here every once in a while to remind you all when we're done. And if you hate it, remember that I wasn't involved at all. It's Hyperion's fault. I've been blogging 7 days, what do you expect? Get off my back.


Tracy Lynn said...

Dude,welcome aboard! I knew you'd want to do this! And you've mastered linkage to! Right ON!
Wish I'd thought up that MacGyver thing. Damnit.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

Thanks dude! Looking forward to group bloggin with ya!

Macgyver is ALWAYS a good one liner. And he's HOT.