Monday, March 20, 2006

Oh Brother, where art thou?

Jay and Corinne are 'good people'.

In the slum of LA, where everyone is willing to shiv their best friend for a three picture deal, to find 'good people' is not only rare, it's just about impossible. And to discover them married to each other, and almost sickly super talented in's enough to make me beg off bothering to be a good person at all.

And...they're still good people after I already abused them once and made them paint my house. (I claim they 'wanted to do it!', and 'I paid them with food!' but I think it's only me that relishes re-painting my bedroom a different color every month. Currently, Winter Sage with a Chocolate accent wall.)

After not bursting into flames upon entrance to the All Saint's Church in Beverly Hills on Friday night, I was honestly NOT surprised to find this same friend Baby J (aka Jay Tuttle) to be a brilliant beautiful bass, emotional and reverent. The performed Passio by Arvo Part was extrememly moving (and for an athiest - that's saying something). Brilliantly provided 'read along' lyrics made made me feel like I was at that church on Crenshaw and 56th, where you're allowed to shout out 'Amen!' or 'Right on sister!' at any open moment. I didn't, but I thought about it.

I took off my shoes and walked barefoot in the freezing church so that I didn't make any noise over Jay's singing. And after they sang 'Cricifige, eum!', I felt that little twinge of heart pain for the death of their saviour...which although being mildly irreverent...made me feel like I was a 'good' enough person to be their friend.


Shari said...

A nice tribute to your friend.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...


Jay's response to me was 'You smoke crack' which made me laugh, so it was worth reporting.

Tracy Lynn said...

Nice. And HA!