Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tag - You're it, no backsies.

"Tracy blog-tagged you! Did you see?"

Wha? Huh? 42?

I went to bed thinking I was a pretty smart kid with my Physics degree and all, and woke up realizing I'm a kindergardner who badly needs to be potty trained.

After frantically e-mailing Cheryl saying 'What do I have to do?! The stress! The anxiety! Agh!' I gave up my pre-conceived concept of forced labor blogging, and embraced the unknown - which is the coolness that is Tracy and her blog tag meme. I don't know what a meme is, or if I'm using it in context correctly, but hopefully Tracy won't shiv me behind the gym.

The rules: List 7 songs you're into right now.
1. Dare - The Gorillaz (Yes, I am a slave to trends)
2. Diamonds are Forever - Shirley Bassey Remix
3. There is no You - Nine Inch Nails (someone pissed me off)
4. My Doorbell - White Stripes
5. Tear you Apart - She wants Revenge
6. Juice Box - Strokes
7. Sinnerman - Nina Simone

And now... like a chain letter - I'm supposed to 'tag' other people...but alas, I dont know anyone else with a blog - so I'm going to just sit here on the jungle gym and pout until recess is over.


Tracy Lynn said...

I rarely shiv people behind the gym, but only because I shiv them in the smoking bathroom by the art room.

Well done. Soon you shall have minions in your quest for world domination through blogging, and verily, thou shalt tag them.

erat said...

Hey, I'll be your temporary blog friend.

Meme me.

(Okay, that doesn't sound right. I'm just trying to help.)