Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Go, um...Kings?

So I went to the Kings Vs Avalance game last night, but I have this memory blur that is the game - and for the first time in a million years at a hockey game, I don't believe I actually watched it.

What was far more interesting was the man-friend sitting next to me, who until about an hour previously, had been the source of much anger, resentment, pride and downright stupidness for a month...a month where I steamed and listed numerous reasons to my friends (both his and mine) about why men were stupid, and how male friends were the worst perpetrators of stupid-ness since men can't be friends with women (thank you When Harry met Sally), and how this man in particular was the king of the aforelisted stupid men. All friends agreed that yes, he was the king of stupid men, and that made me feel vindicated, and also gave me a sweet image of him with a crown of broken TV remotes and beer bottles.

But here we were, not talking about his stupidity or my resentment... and as he randomly tried to shove a chicken-tender up my nose, I remembered why I thought he was stupid. But for some reason, it was funny this time and I laughed in spite of his crown.

And the Kings lost. I think. It was hard to see while fending off nasal chicken.


Cheryl said...

Sports. Men. This is foreign territory for me, but I know a thing or two about laughter, and laughter is good.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

I dont think any of us understand men or sports. So you're in good company.

Tracy Lynn said...

I dig both men and sports, but have only had sports in my life for the past, ummm, decade, I guess it's been.
This means my life has been tidier,better scheduled but still fraught, especially since I am a Red Sox fan.
Also, I am in sole control of the remote. HA!

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

Red Sox? Are they a sports team?

lol - I crack myself up.