Thursday, June 01, 2006

Box o' Wine

Got home late last night to discover a case of wine on my doorstep. I'm by no possible description a 'wine person' so for a brief moment I felt like those cool trendy people who go to Sonoma County or Lyon, France and tell party-goers 'Geoffrey and I ordered a case from Chateau Snooty and it's coming next week! Giggle-snort.' And prior to last night, a 'box of wine' had an entirely different grocery-store-late-night-beer-bong-type connotation.

This particular case was custom packed by my friends Dave and Violette (shout out) who just bought a house in San Diego. I helped them (vaguely - as the lender) get this house, so they were so kind as to send me this as an appreciation gift. I increase their monthly expenditures with a huge mortgage and they spend more money and buy me a present - I better go visit before they go broke and their home is foreclosed. But their place is lovely, cute, and perfect for them and their new baby, which oddly is being born as I write this blog. She's in labor now.

As I get older, certain things, like wine and babies, become more interesting to me. I want wine, I do not want babies. Yet both are interesting. And possibly sequential.

I now have a large enough selection of wine, that I need a rack. I never thought I would be one of those cool people that have wine racks where friends that come over can select one for the dinner. But I am now! A case is 12, so combining with all my other wine, I need to be placed prominently showcasing Dave's brilliant selection. He works for Bonny Doon Vineyards, and I know anything selected by him is good. He IS one of those giggle-snort people, without the giggle-snort and more of a serious connoisseur vibe. Think Sideways, but without the insecurity.

Maybe I need a wine cellar. I think 12 would fit nicely in an underground cavern. Lots of room to grow.

I'm told that one of the wines selected is the 'good' one, so I'm to save that for special occasions. The exact phraseology was 'not for cute boys', so that pretty much clarifies it for me. Yes on wine, no on cute boys, no on babies. decision down. Off to buy a wine rack so I can show off boys.

Push, Violette, push!


Tracy Lynn said...

I am bereft of speech at the idea of you flaunting your rack all over town.


lost goddess said...

Wine and cute boy how could any blog go wrong?

Cheryl said...

You crack me up. Love the "possibly sequential" part. So true for you breeder types.

Egan said...

That's a delightful post of yours. I love the nice boys bit. I seldom remember to crack open a bottle of wine for nice ocassions.

Nice rack is right Tracy.

Hyperion said...

This was a great story, yet I feel compelled to nitpick:

"But their place is lovely, cute, and perfect for them and their new baby, which oddly is being born as I write this blog. She's in labor now."

Surely even the most dyed-in-the-wool liberal would call a baby a person during the act of labor, which would make the sentence read, "...and their new baby, who oddly is being born as I write...."

I chalk this up to your aversion to babies, and I second horny Egan's calls for more Rack of Sara.

Barry S. said...

Hey, found you via egan's site. Many a baby has indeed been created due to damned wine! So pace yourself.