Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Et Tu, Starbucks?

Stopped in at a new Starbucks this morning, one I hadn't been to before, just to cross it off my list of 'Continental US Starbucks', since I'm attempting to see them all.

And in honor of this new 'bucks, I decided to get a new drink. Since I've become addicted to the 'bucks in 1993, I've had every drink on their menu. And I still know how to order ones that aren't on their menu. So I tried the new Banana Coconut Frappucino. And I just about died.

From their official website, here are the contents : The Banana Coconut Frappuccino blended coffee starts with real banana puree and the finest Latin American coffees, which are blended with premium coconut syrup, milk and ice. Each Banana Coconut Frappuccino drink can then be topped with whipped cream and real toasted coconut flakes for an authentic taste of the tropics.

Sounds good, right? It's AWFUL ! It not only tasted bad, but also tasted nothing like bananas or coconut! It was far too sweet, so much so that I had to add plain milk to it to make it drinkable, and even then, it was sickly sweet!

If you know me, you know that my favorite candy is this see's thing which is brown sugar coated in chocolate. So I have a VERY high sugar tolerance. Or addiction, depending on your point of view. And to say that this drink is TOO sweet? That's like saying...I was going to come up with some big illustrating analogy, but I'm too lazy.

To be betrayed by my beloved bucks is the last straw. Who are these freaks coming up with drinks? Did they actually go to 'drink school' to come up with this bastard version of a crappy Banana Julius?

What ever happened to just a simple half-caf nonfat soy sugar-free double-shot cafe americano?


Cheryl said...

I love the banana frappuccino. My sweet tooth kicks your sweet tooth's ass. Ha!

Tracy Lynn said...

Dude, what's wrong with Banana Julius?! I LOVED Banana Julius when I was a kid.
Yeah, your sweet tooth is a sissy.

I only ever get the Blackberry Green Tea Frappucino when I go to Starbucks, since I generally hate their coffee.

Hyperion said...

I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but you're a sick evil freak

Tracy Lynn said...

Hey, you know you're doing something right when Hyperion thinks you're a sick evil freak.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

You are all sick evil freaks that you like those disgusting 'treats'!

Banana Frappucinos are People - they're PEOPLE!