Friday, June 16, 2006

You've got mail

"Oh, here's the mail it never fails it makes me wanna wag my tail, when it comes I wanna wail, MAIL!!!!"

Today I got emails from:

1. Howard Dean - Jeez. You'd think he'd have better things to do than email me. You'd think I had better things to do than to let him.

2. Nine West Shoes - ok, yes I like shoes, No I don't want to review your new catalog before it's published. I can await 2 weeks before my shoes jones start crying out for manolos or really cool spectator pumps. Plus, with no job, there's no need for shoes. I've never been this barefoot since I was 8 and it was summertime.

3. Jazz night reminder from my friend - to be sure I have my cell phone on in the land of cell phones, since lord knows I cant show up somewhere at an appointed time without it. Whatever happened to people saying "I'll see you at 4:00 at starbucks"?'s got to be:
3:30 when you've left your parking garage,
3:50 while driving looking for that elusive parking space,
4:01 when you find parking place,
4:09 to have me order you a latte while you're walking there.
Plus 6:05 to tell me we should do it again tomorrow.

4. A possible 'peep' from my 'where are my peeps?' blog about posting names and finding missing persons from my life! He MIGHT be Scot Frazier. Well, he is Scot, but he might be my Scot that I went to school with. But he doesn't remember my name, and I would hope that one of my high school crushes would know my name. It's sort of a 'I'm the only person with this name' thing. I'm not Jane Smith.

In the Snail Mail I got:

1. A sports trading card of ME, specially created by Gatorade. Really. I'm going to scan and post it for you. It's got my photo as a matador on the front, and my stats on the back. My team is 'Los Guajolotes' and it has some of my career highlights. Basically before I was gored in the side and forced to retire. My starting position: Matador. Are there short-stop matadors?

2. Smashbox stuff from QVC. I am oddly now one of those 'I order things off the TV' people. That's very disturbing to admit, and realize...but it was a deal, I tell you! Smashbox powder foundation in the BIG size for the price I paid for the little one. With a FREE brush. FREE! I have no free will when the word FREE is involved. I immediately put it on, so now I look beach bronzed and ready to go out, when in reality I'll just watch TV with cats on my lap. Such an LA life.
The powder came crushed (damaged case) so I called to get them to send me a replacement, and they told me to just keep the damaged one. Yippee! It's not THAT damaged! It's makeup for god's sake. I can put it in another container and it's just fine. Is that bad of me? Yes. Do I care? No. Unemployed writers deserve things like extra damaged makeup. And the free brush came with that, so maybe I'll get another FREE brush! 2 x FREE = SUPER FREE! I have no morals, clearly.

So there you go. That's what I have to blog about. Mail.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll bump into Matthew Fox again, that'll spice things up.


Egan said...

Wait a second, you bumped into Matthew Fox? Was this in your dreams or reality? He's rather dreamy.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

Egan - see what happens when you miss a day?
made the link live for you to drool over my story.

Egan said...

Wow, that's a fantastic story. That wasn't a dream was it? I can totally picture him in his ballcap hiding from the media. I would totally nail him... if. Thanks for the link.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

YOU'd nail him? I could barely restrain myself from pinning him against the wine racks.