Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Shall We Play A Game?

Angelina Jolie was interviewed by Anderson Cooper on CNN to talk about babies and her political agenda. I'm sure you all knew that. It was top story on CNN this morning. Also, Anderson Cooper is hot.
Did you also hear that the US activated it's ground-based interceptor missile defense system early to combat a North Korean missile that's on the pad ready to launch? Me neither. Baby Brangelina got more air-time. I think I'm concerned that the #2 story is imminent war, whereas #1 is Angelina. I think. Possibly I'm ok with that.

Peter Beck, defense analyst for International Crisis Group says of North Korea, "If they are really playing a finesse game they will back away but ... they are not known for their finesse game."

Paging Matthew Broderick. Matthew Broderick to NORAD.

Amongst the confusion of Defcon 1 warmongers, I am visualizing that Broderick (age 20, but with SJP at his side) uses his computer genius to hack into Angelina's baby photo stash to spread the wealth of the photo sale amongst the people. Very Robin Hood. In the download time, he also manages to return us to Defcon 5 by talking the North Koreans down from their ivory tower of holier-than-thou. Do we still use the term Defcon, or is it now "Code Red"? Personally I prefer little red lights on the 'offending country'..so it would be "Code North Korea" or on lesser occasions, "Code Monaco."

The word the Pentagon uses to describe the situation? "Provocative." Boy those government peeps have a way with words. Also, in terms of the activation of its missile defense system, which has been in the developmental stage for years...they quote "It's good to be ready."

Although in the same breath, they do clarify that North Korea does not have the ability to miniaturize a nuclear weapon for attachment to said missile. Really? Good. Because I was worried the missile was going to do some damage. I see now that it's just a really large rock. Sticks and Stones North Korea! Sticks and Stones.

Say it with me: "The only winning move, is not to play."

Oh, and here's that Jolie/Cooper interview, courtesy of CNN:

Anderson Cooper: Angelina, you're hot.

Angelina Jolie: Anderson, you're hot too.

Anderson Cooper: Thanks. You have the baby?

Angelina Jolie: Yes.

Camera focuses on Baby Brangelina for the next 59 minutes of interview, while Angelina and Anderson smile. The world applauds.


How about a nice game of chess?


Tracy Lynn said...

Dude, the wrongness. THE WRONGNESS!

Anonymous said...

That was a great movie. We need bumper stickers that say "The only winning move is not to play". Think it would catch on?

Egan said...

I have to say the interview was pretty good. She takes a lot of heat, but was she's doing is pretty noble. She seems to be pretty dedicated to helping out those less fortunate. Good for her.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

Tracy - Ditto!

Anon - I'd buy one!

Egan - Yes, nothing against AJ. More commenting on media black-outs regarding her. And I think I would have prefered to hear about the North Korean nukes, all being equal.