Monday, June 12, 2006

But Mom, I want one!

I have just found the coolest thing ever, that I absolutely don't need, and I want to buy purely for name value. The 'MacGyver' watch.

It's got a mp3 player, voice recorder, and USB (hidden in the watch band) and it can also function as a data storage device. Ironically, it also tells time.

Salivate over it with me, will you please? It's so Dick Tracy! It's so avant-garde! It will wow my friends and coworkers, get me dates with hot smart MacGyver-esque men, and will cure the Israeli-Palestine conflict.

If we all had this watch, there would be no global hunger, no pain, only joyful voice recording of screenplay notes and listening to The Strokes while doing whatever you please!

Also you could be a little Alias, and upload things from your 'friend's laptop while they're in the shower for submission to the CIA for analysis. Be sure you wear a wig so you're a red-head while doing it.

4 out of 5 dentists agree: You MUST own this watch. And really, is there anything cooler in the world than talking into your watch? Maybe if it talked back, but otherwise...I think not.

And it's got a little skull on it, so it's got that 'I'm a tough-punk-smartie' vibe, not that 'Geek-squad wanna-be' vibe.

I'm sure Richard Dean Anderson(MacGyver) has one - so if that's not a reason to go out and buy it immediately, I don't know what is.


Tracy Lynn said...


Oh great, now I'M obsessed. Thanks, Sara.

Fitèna said...

But Mom! I want one too!!! *hopping up and down stamping feet with a scowl*!

Fitèna :-)

Cheryl said...

It would be cooler if it had built-in espresso and ATM machines.

Egan said...

Just say the word and it's yours.